The Charlie Brown Theory of Personality

This article was on the "Big Five" personality traits and how they apply to the characters of the Peanuts Gang. The 
Big Five being neuroticism, extraversion, agreeability, openness to experience, and conscientiousness. To refresh your memory, Charlie Brown was the neurotic one, Snoopy the extravert, Lucy is (dis)agreeable, Linus is the free spirited open to experience member, and Schroeder was the conscientious character.
Is this interpretation of the Peanuts Gang a legitimate psychological dissertation and do you think students should study it? Why?


Anonymous said...

I think the Peanuts gang is a legitimate interpretation of the Big Five personality traits. Each is very unique by the way they act and how they express their feelings. It is very clear that they all show some form of psychological behavior. For example, Linus was the thinker of the group. He comes off as an innocent little boy, but is extremely open to what the world has to offer, including what isn't really there (the Great Pumpkin). Even though this wasn't Schultz's main aim, the five main characters are an excellent representation of these five psychological traits. -Kevin Pont

Natalia said...

Although the characters in Charlie Brown show the Big Five Personality traits, I do not think this is a valid reference for students to study. The authors of most comic strips, such as the author of Peanuts (Charles M. Schulz), write comic strips with the intention to entertian readers, not to incorportate psychological theories and ideas into their characters. Perhaps the characters' traits match up to the traits studied in psychology, but this is only because cartoonists base their characters off of their observations of people. Students studying cartoon characters that were not meant to serve purpose in psychology would recieve unreliable results. -Natalia Zagula

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a legitimate way of teaching the Big Five Personality Traits, but to a certain limit. Since the Peanuts Gang does correctly show those five main traits, there's no reason to say it's wrong. But, it's definitely something students csn study to get a good meaning of the Big Five Personality Traits. I tink it's just the right level to teach someone who has never heard of the Big five, and the Peanuts Gang is something everyone can relate to to understand the Big Five better. But, it may not be a legitimate way of learning about the Big Five for psychologists or scientists because it's not as "professional," but there's no doubt about it that it's still accurate. So, I think it's legitimate for students to be able to study.
-Luke Dola

melissa m said...

I completely agree like the others above that the Peanuts Gang is a great interpretation of the five personality traits. This cartoon surprisingly has a character for each of the traits. The reason i believe it can adequately do that is because character that are created are always very flat in the way that they only project one side of a personality. I believe it would be harder to use real people as examples to teach the personality traits because we have so many different sides to us that we are more than one trait.