Are vegetarians smarter than carnivores?

In the article that I read on Psychology Today hypothesized that vegetarians have a higher childhood IQ than that of meat eaters. 

A study that took place in the United Kingdom showed that people that were vegetarians by the age of 42 had a significantly higher childhood IQ than those that were meat eaters by the age of 42. Eleven different cognitive tests took place at three different before the subject turned 16. 

Vegetarians had a mean childhood IQ of 109.1, whereas meat eaters had a mean childhood IQ of 100.9. In the United States, vegetarians had a mean childhood IQ of 101.5, whereas meat eaters had a mean childhood IQ of 98.5. Even though the difference wasn't as great in the United States compared to the United Kingdom, there was still a difference between the IQ's of vegetarians and that of meat eaters.
Do you think that vegetarianism can contribute to a higher IQ?


Anonymous said...

I believe that it could a possibility that vegetarianism can cause people to have higher IQs compared to meat eaters because vegetarians are more likely to eat more vegetables than a meat eater because that's really their only other option and maybe the vegetables have better vitamins and whatnot in them that help with strengthening certain aspects of the brain. Meat might not have the same kind of effect on the brain that vegetables have, so meat eaters that eat a lot of meat rather than lots of vegetables won't have the same advantages.

Cassie DeCorleto

Anonymous said...

I believe that what you eat is somewhat related to your IQ, but not solely. Since meats can be very processed and artificial, in terms of the diets that they feed the animals, it definitely has an effect on your body when ingested, especially if you are accustomed to eating it regularly. Vegetables usually don't undergo much tampering before consumption and remain "pure" when you eat them and are easier for your body to break down, so there are no foreign chemicals or anything, making your mind work clearer.

~Alicia Tabaka

Anonymous said...

I think this is somewhat true. I think that you need a healthy balance of both, and this may be why many people are average who eat both meat and vegetables. But I can see why the person who wrote this article thought that with being a vegetarian you will have a smarter IQ. I have heard many ways that fruits and vegetables help with having a healthy and functioning body and mind. Apparently carrots can help with eyesight, and this can help you have a better body. Although good eyesight doesn't effect your IQ it just goes to show that fruits and vegetables are good for you. I can see why they would help to raise your IQ level. I also agree with Alicia with the fact that meats can become more processed and things like bacteria can effect you while vegetables are "pure." even though the difference is minor, there still is one and i believe that eating healthy unprocessed things as a child and adult, it can help to keep a healthy body and mind.

- Cally Allen

Anonymous said...

i believe this artice is somewhat true. i feel that to live a happy and healthy life you need to eat a healthy well balanced meal, by doing so i think your chances of having a higher IQ is greater do to one being healthier. i think aas long as you get the right amount of calories and keep the amount of fats down, no matter how you do it it will improve your IQ.

~jennifer giomblanco

Anonymous said...

I think that vegetarianism does have an influence on a peron's IQ, but it can't be the only thing. It's true that some may think that eating vegetables is good for you since they're filled with vitamins and nutrients, and one could argue that that makes a person "smarter." But meat has protein, which is just as important as the vitamins in vegetables. So to say that by being vegetarian a person will have a higher IQ is hard to believe. It depends on what you have learned and how smart you are naturally, not by what you eat.

Luke Dola

kelsey said...

I believe Vegetarianism does not have affects or influence one IQ. yes people say eating vegetables is healthier for you and make you smarter but its not the only thing that may counter your IQ level. meat also is good for you with all the protein it can give you which you also need in your body to be healthy and fully functioning. so just from being a vegetarian can not make someone be smarter or have a better IQ, it depends on many other factors as well.

Anonymous said...

I think that what you eat and what your eating habits are has nothing to do with your iq. it's not what you eat that deteremines your mental learning, some foods help your brain in different ways but that has nothing to do with how smart you become from eating differently. your iq tests how you look at different problems and solve them. your problem solving and your iq comes from how you were brought up and how fast you learn not by the foods you eat that's bs it's all about what level you can process certain information and relate it to your life.
Michal oldziej